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Raid Wrap – May 8th

May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day weekend is always a challenge for raiding but we managed to produce a pretty solid turnout on both days.

Raid 7
Expert Fire Rift, Expert Life Rift, Baron Krevic
First up the Daily Expert Rift quest (Fire) which was held in Shimmersand without much fuss and in our quest for Corrupted Souls we also spawned an Expert Life Rift in Stillmoor, easily completed. Then we took our weekly foray to the Endless Citadel for the regular appointment with Baron Krevic, bearing in mind that we were only 3 groups. This meant that things took a little longer but the outcome was not in doubt and another 900 Mathos faction was added to the tally.

Next up Greenscale’s Blight and a slightly new look to the shambler  team that we wanted to practice. The trash were kind enough to drop another epic belt which Telk won the bidding for. We also finally hit upon an effective way to handle the four mob trash groups that have been giving us something to think about over the last few weeks. We knew that we did not have the DPS for the Duke fight but everybody was extremely patient as we tried a few pulls with Telk tanking the boss and Goldenpaw & Nefariouss managing the shamblers. After a while we managed to get into a really good rhythm on the transition from the tank phase to the kite phase.

Raid 8
Expert Death Rift, Expert Life Rift, Air Raid Rift
This is our usual day for tackling the rift daily quests and today’s were Death for Expert and Air for the Raid. We ported into Stillmoor and quickly dispatched the Death Expert rift plus a Life Expert Rift for another Corrupted Soul, then headed into Iron Pine Peak to look for a Raid Tear…
As it happened there was a major invasion event happening at the time and we had to participate in that first to clear enough real estate for the tears to spawn. I don’t think anyone was complaining when we looted a nice purple sourcestone each and netted another couple of Corrupted Souls. It took a little time clearing footholds and rifts but we eventually spawned a raid tear. Goldenpaw, who had been diligent enough to acquire sufficient Storm Legion faction to purchase the Raid Rift Husk pulled the pin…and found out that we should have been in Shimmersand…d’oh

So we all trooped off to Shimmersand and quickly found an unattended raid tear which we proceeded to open. The Air Raid Rift is a little more challenging than the Life & Death raid rifts that we had already completed, there is a detailed description in the next section. The other interesting dynamic to deal with (and an excellent reason to bring more than 10 players) is the considerable amount of outside interference that happens from other players and guilds. Sometimes they are trying to help, other times to hinder – every time it is distracting and TDS raiders did themselves credit by sticking to the task at hand. Our final reward, a fight with a bonafide dragon which dropped some items that players actually wanted, Sully grabbing a shard discovery on some swanky leather shoulders.

By this time we were up to 18 players and decided to spend a bit more time trading punches with the Duke. The first couple of pulls Goldenpaw and Nefariouss had to adjust to the much better DPS that we were producing over the previous day and in the end seconded Ruinn in her saboteur spec to assist. We setup, pulled the Duke and quickly brought him down to 86% percent at which point Goldenpaw announces loudly over Ventrilo “OK Ruinn, blow it”. Now being a fellow rogue and respectable gentlemen I knew he meant cast Detonate – however I also understand this crew well enough to know that by now several players would be laughing too hard to concentrate and sure enough we wiped shortly after.

After this we really began to hit our groove and were cruising through the first tank and kite phase, getting people used to the Fluttering Pixies and repositioning for the Cruel Brownies. Shortly afterwards we were consistently through two tank and kite phases and showing people the Devious Fairies with their Fae Barrage, which will be the next stage in beating this fight as our time for the day ran out. Attached is a parse summary of our best effort.

Duke Letareus: 6,197
Lisasmage 782
Sullivan 637
Scarletto 607
Hellagood 594
Gorey 512

Air Raid Rift

Stage 1
There are four storm idols in the centre of the rift which have energy beams running between them laterally and diagonally, these should be avoided where possible. In the centre of these idols is the Air Nexus which has to be destroyed whilst the encounter spawns giant birds called Thunderwing Autarchs. Telk snagged the autarchs as they came and Goldenpaw established ranged aggro on the Nexus and from there we settled into a comfortable rhythm to take it down. The healers did a great job of staying on top of the considerable damage from this phase.

Stage 2
Two giant tempests, called Wind of Chaos, which were tank and spank providing the frontal cleave was avoided.

Stage 3 (timed)
Stormlord Aelaas and Stormlord Zeluus who had to be fought by the pillars requiring good awareness by everybody. These mobs must die within a short time of one another so we burned Goldenpaw’s target down to 10% before dispatching Telk’s target and finishing them off. This at the same time as the mobs were teleporting and other players were training mobs through us and trying to disrupt the encounter.

Stage 4 (timed)
Quite a straightforward timed stage with six groups of five mobs (a good mixture of melee, ranged and caster) which had to be pulled and killed.

Stage 5
A dragon, Ruciath with 1.3MM hitpoints and a considerable frontal cleave plus some adds and a knockback. The damage was heavy but manageable and the fight required about six minutes of steady progress to take him down on the first pull.

The Q-Tank

Having the versatility of the soul system has intrigued me with regard to the various roles and therefore we scheduled a private session where 4 fellow guildies Lisasmage, Silverpaw, Iluaxe & Sullivan cheerfully humored my first attempt at tanking. Even though I had not attempted this in many years of MMO playing I now had the sudden urge to give it a go.
I had diligently geared up during the previous week and secured sufficient Toughness and Endurance for the chosen zone (Iron Tombs) but my concern (rightly) was the art of pulling and managing aggro. On the trash mobs it was the former that gave me the most anxiety, especially trying to relocate ranged mobs away from patrol areas. Once we hit the named Broodmother Venoxa, we managed several times to get to the third lair @ 33% but one of the adds or the boss would always break loose at that point and squash the healer. I was surprised at how unfamiliar everything felt, it was like trying to write left-handed, you knew what to do and how to do it but everything felt cumbersome and awkward. I would really like to persevere but I am worried that I will run out of volunteers to group with…

Fortunately the imminent raid and my preparation for the Air Raid Rift meant that we only had an hour or so, watch this space over the coming weeks for Scarletto the Spatially Unaware Tank.

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  1. Goldenpaw permalink
    May 10, 2011 02:17

    Hehehe I wish I could deny telling Ruinn to blow something… But yeah, that was totally me.

    I am proud of you (and Kanno) for giving tanking a try, I feel badly for you as the Rogue tank definitely seems like it is the hardest one to do (just from what I’ve seen), but I give you both kudos on trying.

    I’m here as a bard or dps, warrior or rogue for as many times as you’d like to keep trying it. Failing doesn’t do anything but make you more comfortable and better equipped to overcome that failure in the future. As long as you learn from it 😉 hehehehe something Silver never seems to do!


  2. Ruinn permalink
    May 10, 2011 06:21

    “We setup, pulled the Duke and quickly brought him down to 86% percent at which point Goldenpaw announces loudly over Ventrilo “OK Ruinn, blow it”. Now being a fellow rogue and respectable gentlemen I knew he meant cast Detonate” Ohhhhhh so that’s what he meant …….. Lol . Good times, I love this guild and love raiding with you guys. I will admit to being one of those who was laughing till I cried. I’m going to need to have another coffee mug made to go with my dodge more, suck less mug.

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