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Raid Wrap – April 30th

May 2, 2011

Raid 3 – 22nd April
Akala, Baron Kevic
Again we lined up in Shimmersand for the weekly quest on Akala and for some reason she proved a little more troublesome than the previous week. So we really had to knuckle down and get serious on the healing golems making sure we destroyed them both. Once we started doing this the fight duration went down from about 10 minutes to 3 minutes and thanks to some better positioning and solid AoE tanking by Goldenpaw the small golems at the end proved to be no more than an annoyance.
Next up, Baron Kevic who was quickly and easily dispensed with before we headed into Greenscale’s Blight for another appointment with Duke Letareus.
We made some great improvements on the Duke, moving through two kite phases and getting him to 38% on our best attempt, where we were also tracking well against the enrage timer before the ground borne fairies did us in.

Oh and the most significant update? Sullivan hit 50!

Raid 4 – 23rd April
Raid Rift – Death
This event started with an Expert Rift for Life & Death to warm up before we commenced our second ever Raid Rift – Death (more details below) which we fully completed at the first attempt.
Next up we decided to take down a few trash mobs in River of Souls to see if we could get one of the very nice loot items that drops in there. The zone provided the added bonus of awarding +Mathos faction for mob kills which was certainly an unexpected bonus. We cruised around here for an hour before finishing up and we did manage to get one epic drop which The Wimpy Dirge was fortunate enough to win in the DKP bidding Spike of the Soulless

Let's stick an arrow in it and see what happens...

Raid 6 – 30th April
Raid Rift – Death, Baron Kevic
Due to several players being unavailable including yours truly, Raid 5 was run by Glad and they managed to scope up some Corrupted Souls doing Expert and Major rifts.
The next day we managed to line up 17 players for a more regular day of raid havoc. First stop the Daily Expert Rift quest, being Air was held in Iron Pine Peak where we had no trouble defeating Adain & Co.
We then switched over to Stillmoor and spent a solid 30 minutes chasing an available tear to open the Daily Raid Rift quest which was the same as last week – Death (a detailed description to follow). After we demolished Luthas Darkblade for the second time we picked up the Herald of Discord quest and flattened Baron Kevic. We finished up spending an hour in Greenscale’s Blight where we scored another epic trash drop, a nice caster belt. We did not have the full complement of players that we will need to down Duke for the first time so we focused on nailing the first kite phase transition.


Death Raid Rift – Terror of Undeath

Stage 1: Four groups of three (Dark Cabalist, 2 x Iron Bodyguard) tank and spank, use multiple tanks if damage is spiking. These all have about 90K health.

Stage 2: Four orbs that need to be deactivated and four Dark Attendants standing next to them – these things hit like the proverbial truck, send in one player to deactivate the orb and pull the attendant away from the orb. We had heard that moving the attendant back to the orb after it has been deactivated would decrease the damage but never observed this happening. Next to a ‘live’ orb the Dark Attendant hits impossibly hard. They have 292K health.

Stage 3: The Flesh Terror, kill him and he splits into two. This will happen four times until you end up with small flesh terrors which explode when they die. Obviously keeping the number of exploding mobs to a minimum is important so the DPS need to be disciplined about staying on the correct mob making sure that each part of the Flesh Terror is totally destroyed before starting on the next. This is made more interesting when other players are wandering past and start shooting the wrong mob! This step is on a 12:00 minute timer.

Stage 4: Deathly Energy x 8, these are tank and spank after the pull has been successfully made and that is the tricky part because these mobs will stun the tank and then charge a member of your raid. This also makes it interesting if you grab more than one. Each Deathly Energy has 88K health.

Stage 5: Le Boss – Luthas Darkblade (1.2M health). This is a single mob, he will spawn adds that will explode after a few seconds so kill then fast or kite them away from the tank to avoid spikes. There is also a stacking debuff that he will place on the tank which reduces incoming heals, this can (and should be) dispelled / cured.

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