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Cucumber sandwiches with Alsbeth the Discordant

April 19, 2011

Raid 1: 15th April 2011
Akala, Baron Kevic, Life Rift Raid

We started the day in Shimmersand and everybody grabbed the weekly quest to defeat Akala and earn some plaques. The fight started slowly as we did not seem to be able to apply sufficient healing debuffs to prevent the golems bringing her health back up. So quickly we switched to Plan B which was to burn down one of the healing golems before it healed the named. This led to a steady reduction in her health and at 30% when the smaller damaging golems started spawning we were cruising along.

Boilon rounded up the adds, and we toasted them along with Akala for a first pull win.

Instead of running back to turn in we ported to Stillmoor, grabbed the Herald of Discord weekly raid quest and headed up to Baron Kevic who had foiled our undermanned attempt a couple of weeks earlier. This time it was the Baron’s turn to taste defeat as we cruised to a straightforward win with Telk leading the charge on keeping the adds at bay. At this stage we had uncovered enough Corrupted Souls to be able to start a Raid Rift and we sensibly decided to go with the flavour that matched the daily quest, in this case being Life.

Life Raid Rift – Growth of the Aelfwar

Stage 1
A giant wolf, Caine the Wild, which spawned four elite strength wolf adds at 75%, 50% & 25% – pretty much tank and spank if you can round up the adds and stop them eating your healers.

Stage 2
Two big spiders, Bilevenom Sentry & Bileborn Venomjaw which spawned smaller elite spiders when damaged. Boilon pulled the Sentry off to the side and Goldenpaw focused on the Venomjaw first, when the Venomjaw and adds were down we repeated the dose for the Sentry.

Stage 3
Gnarly treant mob, Vinsula Deadgrowth who spawns two adds – Gnarled Sentry and several empowering growths which we quickly killed before their purpose became apparent.

Stage 4
Single boss, Earl Aelorwin who had a really vicious DoT called Poison Spit. There were also Engulfing Spores that would surround random players preventing them from accepting heals. These had to be destroyed asap.

Final Stage
The main boss was Marquis Valone, who went through several incarnations from wolf to spider to treant as we burned him down. The last phase included another round of Engulfing Spores. We also destroyed the Glowing Spores as they spawned.

After we finished distributing the loot, we headed back into Endless Citadel to zone into Greenscale’s Blight for the first time as a guild. As expected we could not take the trash for granted and the two cat, two satyr groups certainly made us think a bit. We then had a chance to spend 20 minutes warming up with Duke Letareus to see how the encounter started.

Raid 2: 16th April 2011

Another session in Greenscale’s Blight and we had to burn down the trash again on the way to Duke Letareus giving us about 90 minutes with the boss. This time we started focusing more on the transition from tank and spank to kiting him through the shambler goo.

On about the 4th attempt we managed to get Duke Letareus down to 75% completing the first kiting phase. After that we had trouble synchronising the onset of Furious Wrath with killing the first shambler whilst also trying to understand the process for dealing with the adds.

We finished up by completing an Expert Death Rift and banking a Corrupted Soul for the next weeks Raid Rift attempt.

The World Event

We had many players online for the world event finale and split into two groups, one in Iron Pines Peak & Stillmoor, the other in Shimmersand and Droughtlands. In the Shimmersand group we managed to get to all four bosses and scooted over for the final encounter in Droughtlands. Then we had a mad dash to the roof top garden at the Endless Citadel where Alsbeth the Discordant, Asha Catari and Cyril with the Squirrel debated the fate of  the world over cucumber sandwiches before despawning and leaving 2,ooo Ascended scratching their…heads

"Cyril darling, would you like your cucumber sandwiches avec or sans crusts?"

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  1. Goldenpaw permalink
    April 19, 2011 02:17

    Hehehehehe cucumber sandwiches!

    That is a perfect caption for that event ending!

  2. Ruinn permalink
    April 19, 2011 02:26

    Q , you have to link that blog to Trion, its PERFECT! In fact the event should have been named that !!

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