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Iron Tombs Expert

April 14, 2011

This is a first edition guide to Iron Tombs, which will be refined as we get to run it more often.

Broodmother Venoxa
This is one of the new mobs added to the expert version of the dungeon. The encounter requires some movement but is not too testing. There are three spider lairs in the room that will spawn adds as the fight progresses. At 75%, 50% & 25%, Broodmother Venoxa will run to a lair for help and spawn an elite add called a defender. The tank usually sets up near the left hand lair and the healers / dps run to the spot where Venoxa starts the fight. For the first two lairs we stay focused on the named, on the third message everybody apart from the tank will scoot around the corner to avoid the big poison AoE, then come back out and finish her off – easy peasy.

Caor Ashstone
A moderate DPS check, Caor Ashstone has a stacking debuff that will slightly reduce the groups outgoing damage and increase incoming damage. Leave it long enough and you will be overwhelmed. He also places a debuff on the tank which greatly reduces incoming heals and this needs to be dispelled every time it appears. Other than that and a short duration fear on random group members he is tank and spank.


Three Kings – Larric, Derribic & Humbart
First Humbart (warrior) will spawn, then Derribic (mage) and finally Larric (cleric) – each one needs to be dispatched individually before the real show begins. The 4th king Whingealot (scout) is too busy on the official forums complaining about being underpowered in Warfronts. When they all spawn at the same time give your tank a few moments to build aggro and then go to town on Larric first, remembering to interrupt or purge the big heal, second course for us is usually Humbart, finishing up on Derribic. Usually near the end of the third boss a large number of small adds will appear from the sides of the room, we find that these will despawn if you focus on and kill the boss

Bonelord Fetlorn
This is a fun fight that is quite easy once everybody gets into the groove. Once you have cleared all the spectres from the room the door to his chamber should open. We choose to fight him at one of the pillars. This fight always reminds me of Frodo trying to hide from the cave troll in Moria during the LOTR: FotR. There are two emotes with two different effects but both are handled in exactly the same way – hide on the opposite side of the pillar and wait for Bonelord to come to you, reposition & repeat. One emote will spawn an elite add for each person that Bonelord can see, the other emote will place a 10s fear / DoT on each person that Bonelord can see. Hide like a baby ftw…

Ragnoth the Despoiler
The way we tackle this fight is to get everybody to stand near the corner of the platform whilst the tank runs in and grabs Ragnoth where he stands. When Eliam appears the whole group runs to the light for protection from the AoE and then returns to the original spot to ensure that it is always possible to reach Eliam the next time he appears. Rinse and repeat. I found that having the Bard resist anthem running reduced the damage in this fight.

Totek the Ancient
This is not a complicated fight, stay at range to avoid being squashed when Totek pounds the ground, he will also knock the tank around a fair amount if they are not speced to avoid it.


Other News

This week also saw the faux culmination of the River of Souls World Event which was pulled from the North American servers after experiencing non-specific ‘live’ server issues in Europe. At this point Trion comes up with the idea of lets re-package this as a bonus extension and deflect some criticism by giving away very powerful items for the trinket and lesser essence slots.

There was also a woefully weak response to the drastic reduction in the drop-rate of Corrupted Souls which are the consumable required to open 10-man rifts. Accepting that there were some, easily resolved, issues with the farming of these items this represents a broken promise made by the production team before the launch that there would be accessible 10-man and 20-man content following their decision make raid instances purely 20-man affairs.

I feel really sorry for the smaller groups and guilds who were assured of 10-man content at launch, the barriers to entry for 10-man raids are vastly higher than that for 20-man even with the proposed changes. This screams ‘knee jerk reaction’ from a company that has repeatedly stated it would do anything but…

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  1. Goldenpaw permalink
    April 15, 2011 01:46

    “Whingealot (scout) is too busy on the official forums complaining about being underpowered in Warfronts”

    Hehehe this had me laughing pretty good 🙂

    One thing to note is that Caor’s debuffs cap at 30 debuffs put on you, which is 60% less healing incoming, and 60% less damage…

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