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Expert Rift!

March 27, 2011

This weekend, TDS decided to try a few Expert Rifts, using the Malformed Souls that had been dropping from various T1 dungeon runs during the last two weeks. So we formed up a rather strong contingent (14 players for 5-man encounters) and set off to Stillmoor to find ourselves a tear. Expert Rifts can only be spawned at regular minor & major tears, not Raid Tears.

Expert Death Rift (Stillmoor)

When the rift forms you see the layout of a ruined house, in three corners are clicky items which need to be harvested one at a time to start a ring event – one each for the baker, blacksmith and apothecary.  Each corner also offers a nice buff that affects players who stand there, it is possible to organise your positioning so that everybody is benefiting from the best buff for their class. The blacksmith ring event is three rounds of fairly mundane tank and spank mobs and a Cleric Shade. The baker spawns a Warrior Shade in the final round who is a bit more substantial. It is the apothecary however that has the nasty surprise, a hideous ranged scout called a Ranger Shade who can inflict some pretty serious damage. It is important for the tank to shut him down early. This concludes the first stage.

The second stage is on a timer and is a single mob called Golgathon who spawns in the corner you have not yet visited, he has about  160K health and needs to be killed in under 2.5 minutes (roughly). This stage is immediately followed by another timed stage of nine mobs called Golgathon Parts who spawn in four rounds of 2,2,2,3 requiring all mobs to be dead in under 2 minutes.

Upon completion of this round the final boss, Xerus will spawn – simply choose your favorite corner and dispatch him back to Regulus. Xerus has about 180K health and is not timed.

Expert Life Rift (Stillmoor)

The rift reminded me of a circus ring surrounded by three cages containing the mobs for each stage. The first round was several Faeguard Menders and Faeguard Sentinels. The second stage was one of the ubiquitous gnarly tree mobs called Dian Luachra who spawned some adds.

The first part of stage three was Dullan Vie, 160K health, whose special ability seemed to be dying fast (Actually he has one of the suck-you-in-spit-you-out AoEs). This is swiftly followed by two cat like mobs, Aein Sih & Bea Sidhe, also timed, who have about 45K health each.

Final stage, Duke Elisar who mutters some jargon about Hylas and the nobility of the Aelfwar however the subtext was very clear.

“A Level 42!!! You think I am going to stand here and be killed by a Level 42???” at which point he ignored Goldenpaw’s taunts, deflected Boilon’s aggro, laughed at Zecc’s rescue and promptly strode up to Fumeden (Level 42) and one-shotted him, literally marching past about eight Level 50s…

We regained our composure enough to bring him down and scored some more epic loot.

Expert Fire Rift (Shimmersand)

First & second stages were multiple mobs, Gedlo Clanker, Galgen Pack Herder, Gedlo Flamemaker & Gedlo Blastie – about 8 or 9 in each stage.

Third stage (timed), Murganis (205K health) who had a single target channel ability that did damage.

Fourth stage (timed), Gelgen Berserkers & Gelgen Howlers, followed by the final boss – Raexanis (also 205K health).

The first fire rift we were a bit sloppy and undisciplined, although we did have a few Defiants failing dismally at messing things up – this was reflected best in Stage 3 of the rift.

Expert Fire Rift One – Murganis – 1:02 @ 3,348DPS
Expert Fire Rift Two – Murganis – 0.54 @ 3,843DPS

Expert Air Rift (Iron Pine Peak)

First & second Stage, very straightforward trash.

Third stage (timed), Artaer, comes with several waves of  adds called Galebreaker Elite who will heal the named for…lots. They must be killed first and have about 70K health each. Figuring this out first time, during the 4:00 minute window and managing to bring Artaer down from almost 100% health twice was a good effort and we produced our best parse of the day.

Artaer: (02:33) 650,272 @  4,250DPS

Fourth stage (timed) was a fun interlude with masses of solo mobs to be rounded up and brought to the tank for an AoE burn – 40 mobs in total required.

The final boss, Adain (120K health), continued to spawn some significant adds during the fight that had to be rounded up by the OT to stop then killing healers and DPS.


Five Expert Rifts completed, at least two server firsts on the loot and somebody managed to be the first player on the shard to complete the Expert Air Rift daily quest.
Many thanks go out to Goldenpaw, Silverpaw, Boilon, Rainslave & Headache who all donated Malformed Souls and Planarite for the husks in addition to having earned the required faction.

Congratulations to all the loot winners, hopefully we can start 10-man content and Greenscale’s Blight in the near future.

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  1. fraser permalink
    September 20, 2011 13:24

    Thank you for the commentary. My wife and I are Rift newbies and trying to learn from blogs like these….We notice some time has lapsed and wondering if your interests have moved on?



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