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Level 50!

March 22, 2011

Over the weekend, after an 8 hour bout of level cap induced tunnel vision and a barn-storming hour of mob annihilation with Nefariouss, I finally managed to reach level 50. This means that there will be a change in focus from rifting and questing to gearing up and accumulating faction.

Sully, feeling a little concerned that he has not been levelling as quickly as others started a thread letting us know that he fully intended to stay the course. In response Kanno posted this little gem…

Don’t worry a bit, Sully. Ruinn and I in the same boat, so to speak. You are now a member of SUCC.

Slackers University of Constant Catching-up
Our motto is:
Nos insisto ass of plumbum canis
Roughly translated as “We follow the ass of the lead dog”

Live it, love it.

As one of the board members, I welcome you and encourage you to maintain the highest level of whatever you do or not do to ensure your standing in SUCC remains in good standing.

If you have any questions, ask Ruinn

This is what you get to work with as guild leader of TDS…

So we so called ‘lead dogs’, with appropriately covered derrieres, had our first run through an expert dungeon, Foul Cascade, and came away with a first time completion which was very satisfying. A brief description of the encounters is as follows:

Matron Verosa, comes with two adds Lesch & Gurze who start the encounter inactive. The Matron is tanked where she stands until she reaches 80% health at which point she will emote and become inactive leaving your group to tackle Lesch. This mob has a charge & stun ability called Staggering Blitz meaning that everybody should stack up nice and close, the ability can be interrupted (there is an achievement for completing the fight with no Staggering Blitz being cast). When Lesch reaches 50% health, he/she too, will become inert and it is the turn of Gurze to take a beating. Gurze has some significant frontal damage so he should be turned away from the rest of the group.
When Gurze reaches 50%, Lesch once again becomes active and the tank will have to hold them both whilst the DPS burn them down. After that Matron Verosa is a straight tank and spank with some AoE splash damage to keep your Wimpy Dirge occupied.
Goldenpaw Tanking Protip : When Lesch becomes active pull her slightly away from Verosa, because while Verosa appears to be rooted and becomes immune to damage she still swings. I try and park her near Gurze so I can grab Gurze when he becomes active.

Countess Surin Skenobar, is one of the three new mobs in the expert version of the instance. This is quite a fun fight. Periodically (either time based or health percentage) she will start teleporting to random group members and dropping bombs at their feet. If you move away and manage to avoid being blown up, it is quite an easy fight.
Goldenpaw Tanking Protip: If you pay attention you do not all have to scramble you just have to run if she pops on you.


Krasimir Barinov, is a ring event. There are three rounds of progressively more beefed up adds before the Baron transforms himself into something suitably evil and gets smacked down for his trouble.
Goldenpaw Tanking Protip: Before you begin this event, make sure you clear the Warlock and two dog patrol that comes from the bridge as you face Barinov. You can avoid the other two groups and do this pull, but that pat will make you a sad panda.

Sparkwing, is another newcomer. This mob appears to be a large bird of some kind and sports some decent melee range damage. Consequently, we just burned it down from range, minimising the healer stress.
Goldenpaw Tanking Protip: Sparkwing has a stun in his AoE, Paladins can clear this every other time it happens, and it is reported to do big damage. I really haven’t seen the big damage but then again I’ve had great healers so far, so I am betting that it isn’t so much the damage that the AoE does, it is the stun that gets people killed.

Tephra Lord Maficros is the final new addition to Foul Cascade, he will arrive after clearing several (lots) earth trash mobs from the rift surrounding Queen Vallnara’s prison. We decided to leave the death idols alone which turned out to be fortuitous as Tephra spawned with a companion who seemed more content to destroy the idols and leave rather than squashing us. Tephra himself is not overly difficult but there are constant hotspots forming on the ground which need to be avoided as they do damage and can punt you around a fair bit. Dancing around is the main challenge.
Goldenpaw Tanking Protip: Pay attention to the add setting the queen free, you can pull it by accident and that will make for a bad day.  Once the add has freed the queen he completely disappears, and you can move TLM closer to the queen, avoiding the leash point. Don’t pull TLM too far away from your “pull spot” or he will reset, one time at 6k health left, so it can be a heartbreaker…

Finally, we had a rematch with the newer, tougher Queen Vallnara and after a few attempts the tactic that worked for us was a straight DPS burn. The group stood in the middle of the rift whilst Goldenpaw dragged QV around the outside, stopping to pile on some DPS and then proceeding as she dropped her venom cloud. Sorrow focused on clearing the nasty poison DoT that would appear on players as they were impregnated and Goldenpaw would snag the adds whilst the DPS focused on the boss. We did not get the achievement for killing her whilst there were six adds up, so I assume we only had four or five at the end. The total DPS we had to maintain to make this work was about 1,800.
Goldenpaw Tanking Protip: QV Rotation = Toxic Bolt (Clear from Tank) – Purple Cloud (Don’t be in it) – Impregnate (Clear from the Target), She repeats this about every 5-10 seconds so it is a busy fight.
The closer you can get her to the party the easier it is to pick up the adds, but the more risk you run of dropping a poison cloud on them, so I avoid it and run from platform to platform (backwards) and just target the adds instead, which means group members will need to target QV directly, and not through the tank for this one.


As we turn our attention to the end game we need to start thinking about specifics, and the main thing occupying us at this time is getting sufficient toughness for our tanks to survive in 10-man rifts and Greenscale’s Blight.

The scale works as follows:

  • 50 toughness is the guideline to tank T1 Expert dungeons.
  • 100 toughness is the guideline to tank T2 Expert dungeons and 10-man rifts.
  • 150 toughness is the guideline to tank Greenscale’s Blight.

Therefore, our focus over the coming weeks will be to try and assist 2-3 of our tanks to get the required level of toughness.

We ran another guild event over the weekend, which was unfortunately interrupted by a 30 minute outage,  during which we cruised around Droughtlands and managed to complete an invasion.

TDS administer the "coup de grace" to Kartok in Droughtlands

…and of course no TDS weekend would be complete without a group outing to the Moonshade Highlands pingtest puzzle, which was a snap with a group of five of us clicking the lights. A shout out for Jagers who came to help even though he had already completed it earlier. We managed to secure four purple loots of which Lisasmage nabbed two when the RNG presented Nefariouss (Cleric) with a pair of cloth legs.

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