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The 90% Rift Update

March 15, 2011

There is an old adage that states; “The first 90% of a task will consume 90% of resources, the last 10% of a task will consume the other 90% of resources”.

The Rift corollary being “Getting Runecrafting to 149 consumes 90% of your available components; getting Runecrafting from 149 to 150 consumes the other 90% of your available components”. Such was the frustration level that I even went to the auction house and purchased some more components. Seemingly not a major event, except for the fact that this dirge, in addition to being wimpy, is unbelievably frugal with in game currency (I suspect the dime-store psychologists will have a field day with this nugget). Having suffered the monumental indignity of having to pay for crafting resources, I vowed to avoid making the same mistake again and blasted through Runecrafting 225 with enough spare inventory to supply the Sanctum garrison until doomsday…

Life colossi in Scarwood Reach

Since my last update we have seen a reversal of the decision to reduce experience gains from Rifts which is a welcome change, seeing as I cannot summon the willpower to ride past even one when it opens. The same problem occurs for the invasion events; if that bloody siren goes off whilst I am delivering a crafting daily to a lower level zone I can kiss goodbye to the next 30 minutes.

As I write this I am 90% of the way to level 50 (see adage above) and I although the levelling fare is familiar, the journey so far has been enjoyable. The game continues to impress from a quality perspective, even the parts not seen during Beta. One small gripe relates to the puzzle in the Moonshade Highlands which was evidently not tested by Trion using a proxy server in Melbourne, Australia (a formality for MMO testing imho) – having a ping time in excess of 250ms makes this puzzle very hard indeed.

TDS organised a second day out and managed to setup a full raid in Scarlet Gorge where we battered a few rifts and even participated in some ad-hoc open world PVP. When the Defiant complaints start rolling in I would like Trion to inspect the logs, where the record will clearly show that it was Aainu who was killing all the quest givers at the Scarwood Lift. We briefly discussed the option of trying to capture all the ancient ward-stones in a zone to spawn a raid boss but this is an activity that will require a fair amount of preparation.  

TDS raid stomping Scarwood rifts

These events serve as useful preparation in getting everybody used to the /raid channel, our Ventrilo server, and the various other interface type things that we will come to rely on once we start to raid proper. We also had a lot more participation from some newer members of the guild which gave everyone some time to learn how we roll.

The guild has continued to grow; we are at level 4 and always seemingly waiting for the next round of guild quests to spawn.

Paladin trying to figure out Defiant hairdryer controls

Hopefully, the next edition of the The Wimpy Dirge will feature some expert dungeon action…

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  1. Marok permalink
    March 20, 2011 22:37

    Cool. Your blog popped up on my feeds. Hope you’re all well. See you around.
    Marok (RAWRRR!)

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