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Rift: Planes of Telara

February 22, 2011

Over the last month we have been preparing for the launch of Rift: Planes of Telara, which is the new MMO kid on the block. Some of us have been running around in the Beta Testing events, learning the ropes and trying to get The Dying Sun ready for the launch.

The Wimpy Dirge has not yet surfaced as I have been playing with other class combinations, but rest assured, sub-par bard DPS will be coming to a server near you soon. Although the naming policy that Trion Worlds have adopted means that we don’t know which server at the moment.

The game is evolutionary rather than revolutionary, it expands upon  a lot of great features from other games and gives players lots of flexibility. You can level equally well by questing or fighting rifts and play a multitude of different class combinations within your calling. It looks good and plays nicely with large groups of players in the vicinity.  The development team have acquitted themselves very well with their playerbase during the testing phase of the game.

From a guild standpoint the website has been moved to a hosting service so that we don’t get cut-off every time Glad reboots his PC and we have slightly refreshed the officer roles with an emphasis on early game recruitment. The key to getting a steady stream of recruits into the guild has been letting Silverpaw think that it is a competition between her and Goldenpaw…

One of the benefits of Rift is that we have a viable reason to form a raid group at lower levels, to tackle some of the many invasion events that occur regularly during the game. These usually consist of meeting some standard objectives, which if accomplished will spawn a big boss at which point everybody groups together to try and burn him down. Sometimes it is a zerg but other times, with some organisation, it can go pretty smoothly.

During Beta 5, a few TDS players were involved in a Life Invasion in Silverwood, here is Goldenpaw tanking a Preserver.


This is Terrorvox, in Scarwood Reach (level 30+) during Open Beta, this was a long fight with only 10 of us there but we managed to take him down.


Finally, here are a couple of shots of Mar’Kul in Silverwood, there were many, many people at this fight and we were very close to the resurrection point so this fight exhibited more zerg tendencies but the bad guy died anyway.



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