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Carn Dum – Don’t drink the water…

November 23, 2010

Week 1

I have decided to start the record of our journey from this point because yesterday was the day we decided to schedule our first raid.

The last few weeks have given people the opportunity to acclimatise to LotRo and decide whether they will be able to stay the course, it is understandable that not every game is going to be enjoyable for every player. The guild still exists in EQ2, with enough accumulated platinum and status to keep everything running for about 4 years. Some people are still enjoying themselves there and we have transferred all the administration functions to them.

Back on topic…

The key two tasks have been to ensure that we have a good spread of classes, as I am not entirely sure what the best raid make-up is at this point, and that people begin to understand how to tailor those classes to groups and raids. I have been fortunate enough to find a levelling partner in Ferdibrand and with the tank / healer duo we have been able to see most of the content up to this point.

Ferdibrand getting a hair-cut, Uruk style


Frustration is...trying to find a hobbit tank in knee high grass

 With that in mind we started running through Urugarth and Carn Dum to acquire the trophies that players need to complete their respective class quests and earn another legendary trait.

Urugarth is pretty straightforward and we actually managed to complete it first time through without a wipe in about 2.5 hours. This week we tried Carn Dum (CD), the home of two Arch-Nemesis level bosses, Helchgam & Mordirith.

One of the key aspects of CD is that the water is quite unhealthy, in fact it will one shot any player unfortunate enough to dip their toes – it was inevitable that someone was going to have issues with this mechanic and we were not disappointed. Everything went as per plan until we reached the sewer and did not properly execute the area where the horn-blowers are standing on the platform and although we did kill the majority of the mobs we were finally overcome. Running back we polished off the last group and headed out to Barashal to acquire the Ornate Key. Once everybody was aware of the risks associated with crossing narrow bridges occupied by trolls with large knock-backs, we chose our tanking spots wisely and in good time we raced across and claimed our prize.

Urro - First boss in Carn Dum

Next we returned to the sewer to work our way down to Helchgam, this was the part where a couple of players (cough, cough… Proetus & Ferdibrand (Boonz & Sully)) had to restrict their natural urges to cut corners and not step in the water too often. There were more than a few curses coming over Ventrilo, followed by unsympathetic laughter from Gold (especially when Silver fell in too).

The Helchgam fight is pretty good fun if you know the script and remember to get off the pillars in time. Everything was proceeding to plan and we were burning Helchgam down from the first pillar when the call went up to jump off which we did…apart from one lone hobbit warden who was bravely battling the squid when the tentacles came up and took him and the pillar down into the depths. The remaining five of us did get into a rhythm and managed to defeat Helchgam, scoring a slime for Proetus. This left us with the problem of how to reunite with Ferdi, who is a directionally challenged hobbit at the best of times and it was suggested that we suicide into the pool and meet up at the entrance. I alt-tabbed to a map I had of the zone to check whether another option was possible and when I came back I was standing alone. Over Ventrilo I remember saying “Oh we are jumping in the water are we?” and plunged into the pool before anybody could reply. The rest of the group who had moved about 50m away around the corner started laughing…a lot. It took about 5 minutes before Gold could even speak again.

So, back together once more we retraced our steps through the sewer, came out the other side and secured the Iron Gate Key, giving us much more flexibility to do the zone in the order that we choose. We pushed into the main part of the complex and called it a night after beating Gurthul.

Gurthul – Penultimate boss in Carn Dum

As a guild we can now access and defeat all the required mobs to complete the class quests, which we will be doing over the next few weeks.

Then we will be posting our first raid, I expect we will start with something very simple, such as Bogbereth and then maybe try one of the Helegrod instances.

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  1. Goldenpaw permalink
    November 23, 2010 13:25


    The Wimpy Dirge returns 🙂 And yes I did laugh and laugh, and laugh some more and I started laughing reading this to the point that the tears returned, that was sooooooooo funny and to see it documented now for posterity’s sake is priceless :)!!!!!

  2. Sullivan permalink
    November 23, 2010 22:17

    directionally challenged hobbit indeed…i seem to remember a kitty ranger with similar symptoms though…

    as for CD next time i’ll bring my floaties and gumboots

  3. January 19, 2011 00:50

    Hi Scarletto! I have been bored at work for most of the day waiting for a report, and I found your blog! I read through most of the blog in one (long) sitting and loved it. So great to see the progress you made in SF raiding and the troubles you had seemed to mirror our raid forces experiences over the year of the SF expansion. Same things too, many are becoming disenchanted and our numbers are dwindling.

    Anyhow, just wanted to say, great blog! Hope you start documenting more of your LoTRO adventures soon. For me, as it stands still boring my way thru EQ2 hoping velious impresses. Thanks for sharing your guilds trials and triumphs!

    • January 20, 2011 08:39

      Thanks for the comment.
      LotRO looking like a bust at this point unfortunately, but part of this jig is to be flexible enough until we get enough traction with a new game which could be RIFT, in which case I get to change all the blog decor again !
      All the best for your guild in Velious.

      • milliebii permalink
        February 7, 2011 10:49

        Hmm, really enjoy my occasional dip into this site but you have left me hanging. Why is LotRO a bust?

        If, as I suspect after doing the Beta, RIFt is also a no go will you be back to EQ2?

        I have had a similar arc, moving from Everquest after being disenchanted. Heading to WoW raiding and having the guild bust up. Then wandering from game to game looking for “a new hope”. Now playing a dirge in EQ2 and raiding. Not perfect by any means, and yes F2P leaves a nasty taste, but Rift wasnt it for me so I am accepting the imperfections and living in hope.

        Look forward to finding out what happened to the Wimpy Dirge in LotRo and where to next.

      • February 11, 2011 14:40

        Thank you for the kind comment.
        As RIFT is still in beta I don’t want to pre-empt anything but it does look like it will be home to us for a while.
        I cannot exactly pinpoint what happened with LotRo, just that it did not garner enough interest to keep folks coming back.

        Expect another chapter from The Wimpy Dirge in the next three weeks.

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