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The Dying Sun – Guild Leaders 2007-present day

January 18, 2010

The Dying Sun has been around long before I joined in late 2007. In that time I have spent time with many great people. The following is a list of short bios for each of the Guild Leaders that I have served with over the last 27 months.
In upcoming instalments I will introduce the Officers.

The founder of The Dying Sun and the longest serving guildmember, Xav’s real-life commitments have kept his recent game time to a minimum. Xarra is a Mystic, but the moniker Xav is short for Xaverous, his Berserker.
Due to the limited number of guild-members in his time-zone he also gets the rough end of the pineapple when it comes to raiding times. Despite this he was a regular attendee for our early raids, prompting us to petition SOE for a ‘dishevelled’ emote.

The Dying Sun still operates according to many of the values and principles that Xav originally brought to us.

The TDS Guild Leader for Australia / Asia until the end of 2008, Luthy led a one woman crusade to prove that girls could multi-task better than boys. It was not uncommon for Luthienn to be typing in /gu, involved in three /tell conversations, recruiting a new member, updating the website wiki and solo healing Maiden’s Chamber at the same time.
Holder of the largest snowball cache on Najena, it was a brave person that would zone into a raid instance with Luthy when their deity pet was not hidden. Raid voice chat would be frequently interrupted by the ear-splitting SQWWWWAAAARRRKKKK of the parrot that used to sit on her shoulder during raids (seriously, you couldn’t make this stuff up).
Unfortunately, Luthy has not been a frequent visitor to Norrath recently, but we are hoping to see her back soon.

Mid was our US guild leader from 2007 until 2009 when she decided that she would like a break from the role. Eaner was her original toon and one of our original Main Tanks in the formative weeks of TDS raiding.
A fantastic organiser and decorator, our wonderful guildhall and many people’s houses have been transformed by Mid’s interior design talents, mine included. Midnightstar is a Swashbuckler and has been one of the guilds premier melee scout DPS for a long time, complete with EEEEEEEEKKKK alarm when she pulls aggro.
One of my favourite lasting EQ2 memories is being grouped with Mid when Eaner became the first TDS member to earn her fabled epic.
Every guild has a member who will stop everything, pull rooms and wipe groups to get to a shiny. Mid has always held, and continues to hold this esteemed position within The Dying Sun.

The Wimpy Dirge replaced Luthienn as Australia / Asia guild-leader at the beginning of 2009. Primarily the raid-leader and organiser, I have found the role of guild leader to be very fulfilling, especially with such a strong group of senior players to share the load.
Known to everyone in the guild as Q, because nobody can pronounce the name of my original main (this must be a candidate for a complimentary name change just out of sympathy). I have attended 90% of TDS raids since Nov 2007 which places me firmly in ‘demented’ territory (and top of the DKP table).
Has benefited tremendously from the hard yards invested by Xav, Mid & Luthy who pulled us through some rougher times.

A gnome (pronounced gur-nome) not to be trifled with, Aainu replaced Mid as US guild leader only recently and has hit the ground running.
Originally an Inquisitor, Aainu betrayed her character to give us a regular MT Templar which has been instrumental in our progress. However, I still recall our first ever; fall over the line, victory in T8 was on the back of Verdict which Aainu had cast. (Dreadlord D’Somni, June 2008).
Nowadays, it is not unusual for any tank complaining about their mitigation buffs being 15 points too low to feel The Impact of the Sacrosanct across the back of their head.
One time in Shard of Hate, one of Aainu’s arrow keys got stuck and she was running around in small circles for a few minutes, prompting the immortal Zecc quote “Hey, my gnome is broken”.
A constant presence as one of the most senior healers in the guild, Aainu also has a useful alt in Deaxia, a Dirge who I am sure is not wimpy.

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  1. Athanatos permalink
    March 6, 2010 01:04

    Don’t forget Marok was a guild leader for a brief time when he, Brandy, Ashes and I were holding the fort, gosh that was scary!

    – Athanatos

    • March 6, 2010 09:46

      Yes Ath, I did know – I was just trying to keep it in context of Scarletto’s tenure.

      • Eledhel permalink
        March 31, 2010 21:28

        Marok tried to hand that off to me at one point. That was scary!

      • convict permalink
        May 8, 2010 07:45

        this little page brings tears to my eyes. i miss luthy and Mid, such fun we had back then, although i believe i am the new record holder of snowballs !!

  2. Brandiwyne permalink
    March 3, 2012 08:41

    LOL, you Folks were the Best guild-mates i ever had the pleasure of gaming with…..Brandiwyne

  3. Stevie permalink
    June 20, 2012 01:34

    Hi – This is Ashes the Keeper of Souls. (Necromancer) …

    I was a member of The Dying Sun pretty much from the off – In fact, Xav and I wrote the Guild Charter together, updating it many times as we grew.

    After playing EverQuest II for a decent length of time I eventually tired of it and retired. I have fond memories of all of the above-mention players. Marok was huge fun with his role-playing. Brandy, Ath, Luthy Ele, Sully .. a fine crew we were!

    If you’re reading this and were a part of our set-up – just know that I miss you all.


    Ashes, the Keeper of Souls. [Officer of The Dying Sun] – Najena.

  4. Athanatos permalink
    December 1, 2014 07:18

    Guys, it is now nearly 2015. I have ventured today back into the game after years and years of absence. I don’t know if TDS exists anymore, but if it does I’ve obviously been kicked for inactivity! The game has changed hugely. It is free but it seems you can buy anything. You can even start a character at 85. My guys are still 80th and it is so lonely. Qeynos is empty, as is Moors of Ykesha where I last left off (remember those damn shards…). I managed to get one pick up group going, with one other person, and he employed a “mercenary” to play tank (cool game concept but cant get a real person!). So many good memories and yet so depressing with no one in this cool game anymore. I miss playing with you guys, it was a great time. I may try EQ Next if it ever comes out… Cheers and take it easy,

    ~ Athanatos / Hellwing

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